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Dissertation research and writing for construction students (any subject) and its successful defense can be another step towards professional and public recognition, an impetus for career growth of a promising specialist. For professionals, whose experience is measured in decades, the decision to write a dissertation may be motivated, first of all, by the desire to summarize, structure and evaluate their own professional experience in the framework of scientific discourse.

In any case, you can apply to the services of professionals and real professionals.

The authors are ready to help solve problems that impede the achievement of an important goal – thesis writing

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Experience in the implementation of master’s theses and scientific articles for publication in professional journals make up papers in various specialties. The structure of the master’s thesis on the right, as a rule, consists of three sections, in which the research topic is consistently disclosed. In particular:

  1. in the theoretical section, the categorical apparatus is studied, the theoretical and methodological foundations of further research are formed, the social processes and the determinants of the development of the phenomenon being studied, the chosen scientific category, phenomenon are studied;
  2. in the analytical section, attention is focused on the study of the provisions of the current scientific method, educational and expert practice. Thus, the state of the object of research in the modern field is characterized. According to the results of the 2nd section of the dissertation, the author’s vision of the ways to improve the regulation of the research object is formed;
  3. in the author’s development section – the 3rd section of the dissertation – the author’s position on the subject matter is substantiated and ways to improve the regulation of public relations, the activities of state bodies, the functioning of institutions and the like are suggested (this depends on the chosen theme for the thesis).

Due to the deep theoretical and regulatory validity, you can count on the objectivity of the findings and results of research paper.

Research results

In general, in the process of fulfilling an order for writing a thesis, 7-9 provisions of scientific novelty are being developed by law, the meaning of which is to develop the theory and methodology, improve the regulatory mechanisms of the scientific branch in which research is being conducted.

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